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The latest from our Southern California studios.


New Mini Elephant Design!

Erin Ellis

A new mini elephant design! This is a commissioned piece that we recently completed. He stands approximately 5" tall and is created from a wonderfully soft and dense Tissavel fur. He features hand painted bright blue glass eyes and lots of details! 

New Large Hare Design!

Erin Ellis

This is Harvey, a commissioned hare that we finished a few days ago. A new design. He stands approx. 16" to the tips of his ears. Created from alpaca with hand painted deep blue glass eyes. Available here.


Erin Ellis

An interesting piece of Tissavel. The clusters are formed to a matrix to create a feather-like texture. The color is light grey with a touch of blue. I really like it, so I decided to give it a go for a new owl.

Here is the finished piece. This is Neo, a new 5" Owl. He features movable wired wings, ears and tail. Painted glass eyes and sculpted details.

Neo  -  5" Owl available here.

New Owl Designs

Erin Ellis

New Owl designs. These are just over 6" tall, finished in acrylics and artist inks.

Mini Pigs

Erin Ellis

This is Coral, the first of several mini pig commissions that we are currently working on. Made a few changes to the original design for this one.

Bear Scribblings

Erin Ellis

The last set are on their way home!

Recent Commissions

Erin Ellis

New Design - Drift the Snow Hare!

Erin Ellis

Drift - New Snow Hare design

Just finished this new design last night...a Snow Hare. Created from a fluffy white faux fur with lots of tiny details added. More info about Drift here!