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Our Creatures stand approx. 7" tall and are full of fun and character. They are created by hand with sculpted details including horns, feet, and claws, as well as bright hand-painted glass eyes. Each commissioned piece will have its own unique traits and characteristics. The Creatures feature five points of articulation, wired ears and tail. The Creatures are also weighted, just the right amount. 

Finished and shaded in acrylics and artist inks with a touch of lively personality!

Use these photos as a guide, or from your imagination to create something completely novel! Nearly any color combination, bright colors or natural colors. We can help you design your own Creature, there are no limits! 

To reserve a Creature, please use the Paypal button below to pay your 50% deposit.. We will contact you promptly to go over the details of your order and begin designing a customized Creature just for you!

Available for $495 with free US shipping / Exact international shipping.